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Stick to the red line of safety production

Safety is more important than mount tai. On the afternoon of April 1, 2019, Yuan renwei, chairman of furen group Presided over the group production safety meeting. To strengthen the safety management of the group and its subsidiaries, The General managers of subsidiaries in jiangyin region attended the meeting. Chairman yuan stressed that we should firmly establish the awareness of production safety, stick to the red line of production safety, And strengthen the responsibility for production safety, safety work is a regular and continuous work. All subsidiaries should carry out the self ws-inspection and rectification work in an All - round way. And carry out continuous rectification and responsibilities in strict accordance with national requirements at all levels. Five safety categories and three management requirements are proposed: Five safety categories 1. The Chemical auxiliaries 2. Oil and gas services 3. The Service installation engineering 4. Mechanical processing and manufacturing 5. Logistics and transportation The Three major management requirements 1. The Safety system should be improved Safety facilities and equipment shall be in place Safety supervision and management shall be in place The general manager is The first responsible person for production safety The head of each company grasps safe management personally The general managers of The subsidiary also reported The progress of their respective safety work, and discussed The difficulties in promoting, and made clear The direction of rectification. Through this meeting, each subsidiary more clearly the importance of safe production, enhanced. One point of deployment, nine points of implementation, the executive force. Carry out the hidden trouble investigation and management, truly achieve the leadership attention, responsibility implementation, education in place, sound system, Always protect the string of production safety, ensure the company's production safety, effectively protect the happiness of thousands of employees' families.


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