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Safety production at all times and long-term development of everything

In June, it is the 18 th In China and the 26 th In jiangyin city. The Work safety month. Furun group actively implements all levels of government agencies and other Activity of ideas and requirements with ldquo; As the theme, it aims to Prevent and eliminate major risks, eliminate safety hidden dangers in time, And effectively contain production of safety accidents. After the group's security committee, the group office and the group's party commission study decision, portraits and guests delegation safety training expert, Specially invited yu shigang, to carry out jiangsu furen group & ldquo; Work safety month. Large lecture on production safety. The seminar was attended by members of The group security committee, Heads of various the departments and safety related management personnel of subsidiaries in jiangyin region. In this lecture, professor yu started from the responsibilities of the major responsible persons of enterprises and analyzed the major serious and major safety accidents In China In recent years. Grasping the logical relationship between hazard sources, analysis of hidden dangers and causes and the formation of accidents, the hidden trouble is the cause of the accident, The accident is the result of the hidden trouble, the accident comes from the hidden trouble, the hidden trouble is the breeding ground and the hotbed of the accident. There is predictability in the occurrence of accidents. The Predictive & throughout; The key to reduce The accident rate lies in The effective management of The leaders, The improvement of safety production regulations and The improvement of personnel behavior quality. At the end of the lecture, the group security committee director yuan junwei made a worrying statement, he thinks. Prevent risks, Eliminate hidden dangers and suppress accidents. Not only is a strong slogan, but the enterprise in the survival and development of the eternal light, in the enterprise development for fast, change, New at the same time, can not ignore the safety of production. Always safe production, inch to eliminate the hidden danger, jingxi stone danger, The end of the people do not hear the capsizing. Work safety alarm bell, do not forget the original mind, can be long lasting peace.


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