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Group Party committee won the honor of "Jiangyin advanced grassroots party organization"

On June 26, the 94th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China (CPC) held in jiangyin city, The party committee of jiangsu furen group was awarded the awarded title of "advanced primary party organization of jiangyin city", Which is the first time that the party organization of the group has won the honor above the municipal level of jiangyin city. The group has done a great deal of effective work in the corporate sector. Organizational construction and style construction of the party. Since the party committee was upgraded to the party committee in October 2017, the party committee office has had been set up, The document "working opinions of the party committee in 2018" has been issued for the first time, starting from the basic ledger work, The daily management of the party committee work has been strengthened, And activities have been carried out such as studying the report of the 19th national congress of the communist party of China and organizing all party members to write essays Focused on the construction of a special branch, and extended forms four special branches with the characteristics of "improvement type, learning type, Safety type and service type". Emphasis on training in the production line development of party members, the party has always adhere to the party together, in the heart's development. Further implement the party's 19 large and regulations on the way of the communist party of China party branch work spirit, Group party committee in each branch of the extensive XianFengGang" members" and "party member team area" activities, and on March 2nd held the first "party member XianFengGang". "Party member team area" opening ceremony. At the same time, the party committee always leads the development direction of the enterprise with the advanced nature of the party, With the enterprise development goal to pool all forces. The party committee of the group took the initiative to form a joint partnership with CSSC for party building. So as to realize resource sharing, complementary benefits and win-win development, madly exploring the party building work in the new era, And jointly improve the level of party building work, In combination with the group 's actual situation, The party committee has successively carried out various themed activities. In order to commemorate the May 4 th youth day, it by a researched contest with the theme of "youth, Sunshine and inspiration". Launch the theme of "review the spirit of yan 'an, firm goal" educational activities, visit yan 'an to study, review the pledge of party membership; Carry out educational activities with the theme of "never forget the original intention, remember the mission" to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the party; At the same time, each branch actively responded to launch the "dedication, enterprising, loyalty, responsibility" good party member activities. Relying on the sky as the sea flowers countless, lotus city as zhaohui. Rich benevolence group party committee carries and superiors difference, high hopes, The active play to party members and the cutting edge exemplary role of party organizations fighting forts, unite and lead all staff, strenuous enterprising, initiative, with the rigorous attitude, Solid style, concept of innovation, practical action of career development to lay a solid foundation to the development of the group party committee is leading and pushing forward group, each group works.


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