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Jiangyin municipal Party committee determines the party construction characteristic project of "100 red engineers" of the group Party committee

On the afternoon of November 30, Jiangyin city party construction consultant appointment ceremony and listed company party construction alliance "red momentum" innovation project release conference was held in longxi international Hotel, jiangsu furen group co., Ltd. Party secretary yuan junwei was invited to attend the meeting. Jiangyin since 2016 took the lead in similar cities in the country since a listed company Party alliance mode, Jiangyin municipal party committee party construction mode, a best practice to fit the listed companies, listed companies, Backup listed company party organization integration into a community of party construction, development community (sadc), A powerful booster of the listed company the strong base of party construction efficiency, the party construction of high quality high quality booster industry, Promote the continuous development of the economy, the outstanding leading role in the enterprise party construction in the city. The party construction of listed companies to speed up the pace to create alliance, constantly explore new path, the conference, Organization of jiangyin municipal party committee organization department hired first six party construction theory of solid, experienced experts, among them, The jiangsu party committee deputy editor- chief Li Kehai employed people magazine contact guidance as jiangsu rich benevolence group co., LTD. Party committee expert consultants. To better play To the political guiding function of jiangyin listed company party alliance, Further condenses the consensus of the party leading enterprise development and the strength, the meeting issued a listed company party alliance innovation project the kinetic energy of the "red", "Beginner 's mind, feedback", "originality, pioneer", "and" work, "heart - to - heart", service four major categories, a total of 61 party construction innovation project. Among them, 100 red furen group 's "engineers" project is listed in the "ingenuity, pioneer" party construction innovation project. In the future, Furen group 's party committee will difference full play to the vanguard role of party members, form a cohesive force, centripetal force, And continue to promote the development of the enterprise, Relying on the sky as the sea flowers countless, Lotus city as zhaohui. The party committee of furen group will make full use of The driving force and innovation power of The "red kinetic energy" innovation project platform, And promote the party construction work of enterprises by project, thereby enhancing the party construction work force of enterprises, form an open party construction pattern, And highlight the advanced role of the party organization and the majority of party members. Further condense the power of the party construction to lead the development of the company. Promote the high-level development of the party construction of the company, and provide a powerful development platform for the party construction work of the company to reach a new level.


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