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Information office organizes symposium to implement the spirit of the first quarter meeting of director yuan

On April 13, 2013, wu chaoyang, vice President of the group, called all the staff of the information office together to learn the spirit of the group's economic meeting in the first quarter of 2013, and made specific plans for the current and future work of the information office in combination with the spirit of the meeting. After the group held on April 12 in the first quarter of 2013 economic analysis meeting, Yuan Renwei chairman again all executives must be grass-roots level for a long time, enhance skills, improve knowledge, promote implementation ability, and required information for further clarify the responsibilities and authorities of each position in the ERP system, strengthening the training of ERP and the strength of the inspection guide, key post personnel working procedure before and after the production chain, training, skills and strain capacity operation of the system and ensure that informationization work solidly effectively, and the information function as soon as possible. In this information office plenary meeting, wu chaoyang, vice President, combined with the previous information office work situation and their own work experience, in-depth analysis and interpretation of the importance of yuan renwei's advice and practical guiding significance, at the same time on the implementation of the spirit of the meeting, to promote the next stage of information work arrangements. She said: & other; Information work to do well, one is to go to the grass-roots level, familiar with the process, improve the ability to solve problems. Everyone in the information office should take the attitude of seeking, go deep into the grassroots study and research, to do a good job in the grassroots study records, not regular exchanges and seminars, improve the consulting service capacity; The second is to optimize the training, strengthen the assessment, highlight the training effect. & ndash; Comb and clarify the post responsibilities of the employees, let the employees of each post know clearly what they should do, how to do, when to do and what is the standard of their position through targeted training, and organize the assessment. Throughout the &; Vice President wu believes that there are only two results: qualified and unqualified. Qualified to work, unqualified transfer, so as to ensure the normal operation of the information system. & other; Third, to strengthen the inspection, always pay attention to ensure that business processes operate in accordance with the norms. She went on to say. All the staff of the information office are divided into three groups, divided into pieces, and inspected no less than twice a week, and the inspection situation is summarized into the ERP process inspection tracking form, which is timely reported to the subsidiary. The problems found shall be rectified within a time limit, and those that fail to meet the standards shall be punished according to the provisions. Throughout the &; At the end of the forum, vice President wu chaoyang summed up 28 words, that is, ldquo; Management is stare out, skill is practiced, method is thought out, ability is forced out. , requiring all the information office to be meticulous, meticulous, and meticulous, efforts, efforts, and efforts, solid and steady to promote the implementation of the project, on time results.


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