Making employee work happily and share benefit through company's growthis the goal that has been pursuing by Jiangsu Furen Group.

Jiangsu Furen Group Human Resources

Contact:Mrs. Xie

FurenGroup has been improving performance management and incentive mechanism, payingattention on full operation of all employees. Advocating communication, valuingtraining and reserve of talents, aiming to create a broad development platformfor employees. 

FurenGroup has introduced new thoughts of employees benefits plan in September 2010,then announced that profit-sharing plan project would be officially startedfrom January 2011. RWS profit-sharing plan refers to a plan that thecompany and employees are collectively sharing company profit. Which means thecompany will take out a percentage of the profit and put into this projectthrough internal published financial settlement in a period (usually yearlyunits).

FurenGroup has been insisting to provide abundant benefits for employees and aimingto establish modernization enterprise system by making breakthroughs,innovation, and improvement. RWS profit-sharing plan project has been set upand executed according to a fixed ratio method by the company through a lot ofresearches. Profit-sharing plan is a fixed payment award, it will not be addedinto employee's basic wage whereas sharing profit with company as anotherwelfare fund for employees. Project can stimulate profit growth of the company;meanwhile stimulates job motivation and morale of employees, reducessupervision cost of the company, enhances employee's sense of ownership.

Makingemployee work happily and share benefit through company's growth is the goalthat has been pursuing by Jiangsu Furen Group. Implementation of RWSprofit-sharing plan is a significant step that Furen Group is taking forrealizing the goal.

We value and desire talents. Furen Group is willing to assist you in strive forcareer aspiration, providing a competitive and creative development platformfor you. Furen Group issincerely welcoming all people with lofty ideals to develop together. 


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