manufacturingas a foundation to move into high-technology field, pulling modernmanufacturing development through high-tech products. 


Modernmanufacturing industry mainly engages in production-manufacturing of homeappliances, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, and auto spareparts. Development in this field has been transformed from "laborintensive" to "technology intensive" firstly, then hassuccessfully transformed from an extensive form to precision and transformedfrom technology intensive to high-end automation. At present, each subsidiarycompanies of modern manufacturing field have deepened the reform of refinement,mechanization, and automation; has adopted automation facilities such as robotand modulus of continuity to enhance technological level, promotedmanufacturing capacity. Collectively set up the special research group withdomestic well-known institutions for technical exchange. Closely depend onadvantages of scientific research in universities and talents to promote ownability of independent developing, effectively transform the scientific &technological achievements into actual productivity. Furen also relies onJiangsu engineering research center, enterprise academician workstation,enterprise postdoctoral workstation, enterprise postgraduate workstation, othertechnology platform, own research and development system. Product developmentadopts the information technology of three-dimensional CAD, CAPP, and PDM,realizing seamless integration of product data on each stage from design,technology, and process. Adequately ensure the speed and quality of productresearch and manufacturing.


FurenGroup has been transforming from traditional manufacturing to high-technologyindustry, devoting itself to the site service and construction of petrol (gas)station; bend itself to fundamental and applied research about development,manufacture, promotion, application of related products. Reaching the world'sadvanced level of scientific & technological development in the relevantarea, using the market requirement as guiding to translate new technique intoproduct. The Union Pay card petrol (gas) station of Haosheng series projectthat had been researched in 2014, adapting development demand of private gasstations and further set up a business model that integrated with producing,financing and trading. Besides, Furen is aiming at the opportunity forproducing large aircraft project, introducing advanced design philosophy thatcooperating with foreign design team to explore and design the aircraft seat.Current exploration of aircraft seat can mate Chinese big airplane C919 andregional jet ARJ21. Overall process of product design, manufacturing, andproving is strictly according to the European and American Quality Management System,and CAAC airworthiness standard of China. Meanwhile, introducing the Europeanand American design team, design procedure, and design philosophy of aviationproduct to accomplish own exploitation and trial-manufacture.


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